Segway wheelchair

Segway wheelchair

Allow us to show you something absoultely new and game changing. A wheelchair of the future. An electric wheelchair, we might add. One that is impossibly cheaper than a regular electric wheelchair and yet is better than it in any possible way. All you need is a working segway and you are good to go. While it still takes some money to obtain, a segway is way cheaper than a professional electric wheelchair which costs a little god damn fortune. Now you don’t need that kind of financial assets. With Blumil electric wheelchair you got absolutely everything you only need in terms of comfortable transport. You may ride on any type of surface, both indoor and outdoor. The world is now so much open to you and you can travel through the city really fast, up to twenty kilometers per hour, which is a very good tempo, to say the very least. The feature we are the most proud of regarding our wheel chair is our fantastic parking system. It is a guarantee that the segway will remain stable and in upright position when it is turned off. It allows you to reach out for things or pick them up totally safely. It is so unique it differentiates our product from the competing companies products, which, compared to ours, are simply lame and poor. Our product is also cheaper and easier to deploy. You may transfer yourself off of it easily and totally safely. When you ride a manual wheelchair it is so easy to get yourself filthy in wet conditions. Going through mud is a problem and leaves you dirty literally everywhere, which may be very irritating. There’s none of that when you’re riding the blumil wheel chair – you’re sitting high and not getting anywhere near close to the wheels so you won’t get dirty.

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